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Posted by: Admissions and Aid Office at August 28th, 2014

My life has never been the same because of the many generous benefactors who helped me get an Ateneo education and of course have access to free lunch daily through the Su Hua Yu / Pan Cada Dia Program. A few years ago, my father died and my mother left us behind with our grandmother. my brother and I were simply hopeless then. We were even thinking that we could not go to college anymore. We lived on dole-outs from relatives and friends who knew our situation. But I believe that God is truly good. He sent angels in different forms to help us along the way. I am still in awe because of all the blessings that He has showered on us. Our journey is not easy, but with God’s help, perseverance and sacrifice, we are getting by. My elder brother is now about to graduate and I am also a step closer to achieving my dreams. All of these will not be possible if not for God’s help and the many kind and generous people who support the Scholarships and Pan Cada Dia Program. I hope that I too will be able to help others like me someday.

– Anonymous –


I am so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to enjoy the Pan Kada Dia food subsidy program. I don’t usually get to eat three meals daily, since my parents do not have enough money to support my college education or even my own personal needs, but with the subsidy program, I am now able to have a decent meal.

The program is a blessing to underprivileged students like me whose dream is to earn a diploma and be able to help my less fortunate family.

I can only say  Thank youť to all of those who made the program possible. I am now a step nearer to achieving my dreams.

Melinda S. Hamac
ADZU BSE Millenium Scholar

For students who come from broken homes and whose parents could not afford to support the daily needs of their children, the Pan Kada Dia Food Subsidy Program is “Heaven Sent”. To all those people who made the program possible, Thank you!

I am now more hopeful that there is still a brighter future ahead.

Leo Luisito Cornelio
Student Assistant Scholar

I used to eat twice-a-day only, as my parents who are in the province, are sending me a very minimal allowance. If I eat three times daily, I won’t have enough money left for projects and photocopies. The Siu Hua Yu / Pan Kada Dia food subsidy program made college life less of a struggle.

I would like to thank all of the generous people who shared their blessings to underprivileged students like me.

Ms. Joanne A. Algas
Student Assistant Scholar

It’s a great opportunity to be a beneficiary of the Siu Hua Yu / Pan Kada Dia Food Subsidy Program. Most of the time, I don’t have enough money for food or other school related projects as my allowance is barely enough to meet my needs in school. The program helped me a lot because I no longer have to go to class hungry.

Briley M. Briones
Student Assistant Scholar

I can say that the Siu Hua Yu / Pan Kada Dia Food Subsidy program helped me a lot. My family is in a state of financial and emotional turmoil at the moment. My mother is currently the sole breadwinner of the family as my father is sick and needs expensive medication.

The program helped ease my mother’s burden of sending more for my school related needs. I save whatever extra I have so that I do not have to ask additional money for my school needs anymore.

I am most thankful to the benefactors who helped sustain the program. Your generosity will never be forgotten.

Decci Rose Hucom
St. Ignatius of Loyola Merit Scholarship Scholar

At present, there are five of us in the family who are in school. This is the reason why my parents are doing their best to try to make ends meet. The Pan Kada Dia Food Subsidy Program opened doors of opportunity to people like us. I don’t have to endure long class hours having hunger pains.

Thank you and God Bless.

I.C. P. De Castro
ADZU BSE Millenium Scholar

The Siu Hua Yu / Pan Kada Dia Food Subsidy Program is a blessing to me. I am now able to eat lunch and dinner well. With the P30.00 food coupon, I get to complete two full meals daily. I divide whatever viand I am able to obtain from the coupon into two so that I am able to eat dinner too. I feel so blessed that I, not only get to enroll in a prestigious school via a scholarship, but I am also given the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the subsidy program.

Ronelyn G. Enoy
ADZU BSE Millenium Scholar

I would like to say thank all of those who unselfishly shared their blessings and made the Siu Hua Yu / Pan Kada Dia Food Subsidy Program possible. The Program is helping me survive college life. I know that I will not be able to get a degree without the program, because my parents could only afford to send me a meager sum of money monthly as my allowance.

The program gave me hope. I am now more determined to finish college, get a degree and be able to help my family in the future.

Roxanne P. Pareño
ADZU BSE Millenium Scholar


I am Paul Henry S. Herrera, a 2nd year BSMA student and a scholar of the Ateneo College Parents Council. I’m so grateful for having the priviledge to receive a PKD food coupon during class days, having this coupon is a big help for me because this entitles me to eat lunch for free. Before without the PKD I rarely ate my lunch because the money given to me is just enough for my fare. Thank you very much and God bless.

It is a blessing to be a recipient of the Pan Kada Dia Program. It is a great help for me because I don’t have enough daily allowance to buy my lunch. Thank you.
-Maria Monica B. Miguel BSBM

Siu Hua Yu / Pan Kada Dia is a great blessing to me. I enjoyed the privilege of Pan Kada Dia for some years now. Thank you very much.

-Herbana L. Soriano BSED
I’m thankful that Siu Hua Yu / Pan Kada Dia has been implemented because it gave scholars like me the priviledge of going to class with a full stomach. Scholars such as myself who come from the provinces, have a limited budget to sustain my daily needs. Without the PKD, I experienced being hungry in class and not being able to concentrate well. I feel so blessed because I am now able to eat lunch for free. Unlike before, I had one meal a day and sometimes “one day no eat.” It’s a big help for me to be able to focus on my studies. Thank you so much.
-Michelle A. Algas BSED3 

Siu Hua Yu / Pan Kada Dia Food Subsidy Program really plays a big role especially to students like me. With my daily allowance of P20.00, it is very hard for me to budget my allowance. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of this program. I hope this program will last. Thank you so much!
- Sherylyn D. Bello BSBM 4

Because of the Pan Kada Dia Program I no longer miss my lunch. Previously, I would spend most of my lunch time break reading in the library. Now, even if I do not have money for lunch, I no longer worry because I already have a free lunch at the canteen. Whenever I have school requirements- that needs photocopying- I will have some money to spare.Thank you to the contributors of the Pan Kada Dia food subsidy program. I am most grateful.

It is my 213th day in the Ateneo de Zamboanga University and aside from the scholarship that I am enjoying, there is this special project of the Office of Scholarships where I am one of the beneficiaries. It provides me with the giftť of a free meal during lunch time. I receive a food coupon from the office everyday and I get to eat at the canteen. I feel so lucky. I no longer know how to express my endless appreciation to the benefactors and my most benevolent thanks to the office. I hope that this project will continue to enable more students like me.Thank you and God speed.


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