Testimonial Stories

Posted by: Admissions and Aid Office at August 28th, 2014



 Emir R Españo

 My father died of cancer at the National Kidney Institute in 1989. I still can’t believe how we survived that crisis then.  I was the eldest of four siblings and we come from a very small and very ordinary family. God worked through people who came like angels to help us.  One of them came with a story that I have not forgotten and never will.  Justin was my student in theology when he was a college freshman at the Ateneo de Zamboanga.  He came to visit me at the funeral parlor and offered a rather huge amount as help for the expenses during the wake.  I thanked him and we sat quietly for a while.


He spoke about his success story in his insurance career after graduating with honors at Ateneo.  He was from one of the little towns in Zamboanga del Sur and we reminisced his days as a cocofed scholar and there were many good and beautiful memories shared.  He then said something that totally floored me.  He said, “Sir, do you know that during most of my four years in college, my brother and I only had one meal a day?”  He continued, “My brother and I had to share whatever little allowance our parents could send. We were staying at a boarding house at Calarian.  Because we had no money for transportation, we were up very early in the morning so we could start walking to school taking the Cawa-Cawa Boulevard route.  Very few of my classmates in the pilot section knew this. They did not know that there were days while they took their lunch at the cafeteria I was at the fountain drinking as much water as possible to sustain me during the day.  There were days I survived on water and candies.”  He was smiling as he finished telling his story.


I was shaken and wanted to tell him that I am sorry I did not know and that I could have looked for ways to help… but this was all water under the bridge for him now.


As I marveled at the exceptional triumph of the human spirit shown in the life-story of this young man, I wondered how many more students there are at ADZU and other schools who are hungry while trying to learn and study and get a college education.


You may want to help hungry students like Justin at the Ateneo de Zamboanga University today.  Please go to the THE SIU HUA YU FUND/ PAN CADA DIA PROGRAM atwww.pankadadia.org






The Siu Hua Yu / Pan Kada Dia food subsidy program is a blessing to me and my family. Getting married early to a husband who does not have a stable job  and having a son didn’t stop me from pursuing my dream of getting a degree. I continued to find ways to support my sec

ondary education where I graduated as class valedictorian. It is for this reason that I qualified for a scholarship in college. However, despite the fact that I don’t have to pay for anything in school, my husband and I are still having a hard time supporting my re

quirements in school. The opportunity to enjoy the Siu Hua Yu / Pan Kada Dia food subsidy pr

ogram is such a blessing to me and my family. It lessened our worries and I am now able to concentrate more on my studies.

To the benefactors. Daghang Salamat kaninyong tanan!

Mari Flor M. Pamalison

BEEd 1 – A



I feel so blessed to be a grantee of the Siu Hua Yu / Pan Kada Dia food subsidy program. Thirty pesos a day for some may be a minimal amount, but for me and my family, it means a lot. It helps me become more active in school as I no longer have to face the day with an empty stomach. It is helping me achieve my goal of providing a brighter future for my family. Muchas gracias to all the kind hearted individuals and organizations who made the Pan Kada Dia program a success.

Marie Joy B. Alvarez

BSEd 1-A






I am very grateful for having been chosen to enjoy the Pan Kada Dia program. It is a big help for me as my guardian no longer have to provide for my lunch. I know that many needy scholars like me are as grateful as I am. I hope that the program will continue to grow and help more scholars. I am looking forward to the time when I will also be able to contribute and return the favor to others. To the benefactors, Thank you!

Sherlyn O. Samson

BSEd 1 – A